It’s been a very long five months since I’ve worked in a new project, with a new client. So, I was quite excited. I was also very happy thinking that, it would add something new in my career. But the first meeting with the client didn’t go well; the Administrator (Fixed Asset & Promotion) A.K.M Naimuddin was very earnest, however.

DDCL is a very renowned and olden organization in the Architect Industry of Bangladesh. I became quite amused to learn about some of their citable projects. The company has worked on several large-scale consultancies. Since 1972 they are ruling in this industry; though I didn’t have any idea about all these. I had a very little knowledge about Consultancy Company. At least few contents are must to start the initial work. So, I asked for some contents.

Let’s see when I get my hands on those.

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