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আমি অনেক মেধাবী ছাত্র ছিলাম। রেজাল্টের কথা চিন্তা করলে বাপের মাইর ছাড়া আর তেমন কিছু মনে পরে না।

— আমার সম্পর্কে, সত্যি কথা

Glorious Aging & Brain Dumps

Aging Job History
running Jan 1, 2016 - Continue
UI Ninja at ThemeBucket
1.2 years Nov 13, 2014 - Dec 31, 2015
Creative Lead at Incepsys
10 months Jan 1, 2014 - Sep 30, 2014
Front End Web Developer at BTCIT

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Wordperssians Admin

WordPressians group started by Hasin Hayder to share our love, knowledge about WordPress and help each other to solve WordPress related issues.

Now we're a community with about 17,229+ really passionate member, and the group is maintained by an Admin group of roughly 19 people and fortunately I'm one of them.

Meetup, Fun, Gossip, Loving

I'm quite a happy fellow, fun loving geek. Love to make people laugh. You can see I'm chatty, devildom, gossipy, waggery who is hanging out, attending meetups. But as a boy you will find me completely cute and candid.

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